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JAN-JULY '99 | AUG-DEC'99 | 2000 | 2001 | 2002
From:Erica   Date: October 2002
I bought some decals for my Mitsubishi a few months ago... Since decaled my car, people are turning and admiring my car... of course I have the logos on the side windows... Thank u very much, my car has a great look.


From:Paul  Date: October 2002
I received my order today and just wanted to let you know that I was very impressed and pleased with the quality of your services and products..... I will definitely be back to order more soon..


From:Sue Lansing  Date: September 2002
(INDUSTRIAL ACCOUNT: PROMOS and MORE) I want to thank you for providing us with FAST, AFFORDABLE decals. Our customers loved the multi-colored decals that your business produced for us. Your prices are great and most of all the production time is awesome. Thank you!


From:Rosanna  Date: September 2002
I'm just informing you that I just received my decals, and I'm amazed on the fast shipment that you guys provided me....


From:Justin Hall  Date: September 2002
I'm making this friendly message b/c i love your comapny and your products. I've ordered many things from you guys in the past and have been very satisfied. i have ordered many things for my last car and just a few things for my new car.....


From:Karie   Date: August 2002
I just got my decals, I think they look great! I'm glad that this site was quick with the order, too! Everyone that's helped me, has been so nice and helpful. I'll be buying some more soon!! thanks!!


From:Rainer   Date: August 2002
I am attaching a pic of my car with the flame graphics on the side. It is a 1998 Mustang GT. I would like to see my car on your site. Thank you very much.


From:Gary Gregory   Date: August 2002
I orderd magnetic numbers and some custom decal on Thursday and was shocked when they arrived in California on Saturday morning! The numbers and decals are terrific. They look great on the cars. Thanks for the good advice, the friendly service, the timely delivery and the great products. I'll definitely order from you again..


From:Erin Starliper   Date: July 2002
Thank you so much for the decals. They look great on the vehicles. And it is a great way for us to honor our dad. Thank you, the decals mean alot to my family. You always do such a wonderful jon. And I love that I get to see the decals before I receive them....


From:Paul Foster   Date: July 2002
I am attaching a pic of my car with the flame graphics on the side. It is a 1998 Mustang GT. I would like to see my car on your site. Thank you very much.


From:Kenneth Wait   Date: July 2002
I received the decals that I orderd from you. Just thought I would tell you all what a great job you are doing with the website and the precise and speedy manner in which you follow up with the orders you receive. The conformation email with the custom decals is a wonderful thing to do.
All the graphics arrived in perfect shape from the shipping! I'm so glad you all know what you are doing there. It makes shopping via the internet so pleasant. Please tell your staff abou the great job they are doing and I look forward to buying from the company again in the future.


From:Julius Simchick   Date: July 2002
Great job on the signs and decals....


From:Dean Pereda   Date: July 2002
I just wanted to say I was very pleased with your service.... I couldn't believe how quick I got my order and everything was accurate and easy too.. and thanx for the complimentary sticker squeegee and eDecals magnetic decal. I'm definitely going to do more business with you... As a matter of fact, I'm ordering another decal right now!


From:Joel Cooper   Date: June 2002
I got my decals today and WOW, it was exactly what I wanted. That never happens these days. You guys have got my business, for sure! Thank you, Thank you, for giving me a great product, a great price, and quicker turnaround than a local shop here in Columbia SC. I really appreciate the excellent customer service. I'll be ordering again soon..


From:William Ball   Date: June 2002
I reveived my decals in the mail this morning and am very satisfied with your decals and impressed with your fast service. You will definitely be getting more of my business.


From:Meliisa A Brown   Date: May 2002
I just wanted to write and tell you how great of a company I think you are. I have placed orders through twice, and both times have had my orders shipped out very fast and received exactly what I ordered. I love the large selection of decals that are available for my car.....


From:Damon Lewerenz   Date: May 2002
Thank you for your amazingly rare customer service! I recently placed an order for a custom rear window decal for my car and the response from you guys/gals was immediate. I was surprised at how fast the whole process was - from sending you my custom idea, receiving your email with the rough design, my approval of the design and your shipping of my order. It all took less than a week!!! IMPRESSIVE.....


From:Dawn Dove   Date: May 2002
I received my two decals for my windshield and put them on the two cars according to the instructions. THEY LOOK GREAT. They were easy to install and I am definitely ordering more!!


From:Paul Boise   Date: May 2002
We (my family) was very pleased with the service we received from your company. When we saw your website, we were shocked by the wide selection of decals/graphics you had. The car graphics we ordered was inexpensive, quickly delivered and easy to put on the car. We are looking forward to doing business with you again soon. Thank you


From:Andrea Garland   Date: May 2002
Your decal looks sooo awesome on my car... it was easy to use and apply... and u were the only ones to carry my chrome color to match my tint.


From:Angelo Appi   Date: May 2002
Hello, I recently received my order I placed with you for my drag bike..... I just wanted to thank you and tell you how happy I am with my order. You have an excellent web site in which I will place orders in the near future. Kepp up the good work.


From:Margie Thompson   Date: May 2002
The car looks absolutely exactly the way we wanted it to. Thanks ever so much for the beautiful decals. I'll be recommending you to anyone who asks, and probably to some people who don't ask too!


From:Leigh Brown   Date: May 2002
I received my order on tuesday and am very pleased. I don't usually send thank you notes but was so delighted to get my order before our race this weekenda and just had to write. Will be sure to recommend your company and place more orders for myself in the future.


From: Dean Hubbard   Date: May 2002
It was a good website. Easy to use and the information was complete. I was impressed. I was an art major in college so I knew what tools I needed
to help me design my decal and everything necessary was there on the site. Pretty slick. The choice of sizes was good.


From: Stephen W Gaudreau Sr.   Date: April 2002
Just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the decals I recieved from your company. They are going to look great on the Thunderbird. Thank you for all your help with this transaction.


From: Jason Tredup   Date: April 2002
I would like to thank you for your quality business that I was subjected. I have just about sworn off buying products off the internet due to unreliable companies that either don't get the product to me, or it takes weeks. You had my order to me within 2-5 business days like you promised. Just thought
I would send you this e-mail to show buyers that this company is reliable and has quality products.


From: Bruce Peck   Date: April 2002
I want to thank everyone at for helping me turn my BORING cavalier into a street racing machine. I have purchased about seven or eight decals from your company and have been very pleased with every single one. Thanks so much and keep up the good work!


From: Anonymous   Date: April 2002
I am just letting you know that I received my front windshield decal, and just put it on. Let me say that it looks awesome and I just want to let you guys know that the shipping was incredibly fast, and the service was even better. I would recommend your company to anyone. Your proces are very Affordable to. Easily the best company I have dealt with.


From: Jeff Moss   Date: March 2002
I just want to let you know that I am very greatful for the stickers you sent out to me. I really appreciate the quick response, and getting them to me really fast. I will let all my friends know how good of a customer service you have.


From: Jamie Bally   Date: March 2002
I have to tell you that you are a great company to do business with!! The quality of the graphics was top notch. Ease of installation was great and the orderwas handled quickly and came 100% as ordered. Thanks a lot.


From: Kevin Krause  Date: February 2002
I would like to thank you for putting out such a quality product. I've never used decals before until I found your website, and when I finally got my first one, I was amazed at how easy it was to install.
I must commend you on your excellent service and your fast delivery. I am very pleased with your wide selection and products themselves.


From: Louis Bellefeuille   Date: January 2002
I just want to thank you guys for the wonderful service I recieved. I was really amazed at how fast I got my decals, considering that I live in Canada. They were nicely wrapped and believe me, nothing could've happened to damage the product. I will definitley recommend you guys to my friends for their decal needs. Thanks again!


From: Jim Fink  Date: January 2002
I recently purchased a custom windshield decal. Your service was great and the product proved to be just as great. Everything was as described with no surprises. The whole internet process went very smoothly. I would not hesitate to do business with your company again.


From: Nick Yatco   Date: January 2002
Love the decals. Fast, easy delivery and great quality products. Can't wait to shop with you again soon.


From: Kenneth Mackins   Date: January 2002
I have recently ordered a few custom decals from your company. I must say that I am extremely pleased with your service and the speed at which my order arrived....


From: Justin   Date: January 2002
.... I am very satisfied with the decals, and they look great on my car! I plan on purchasing more from your website in the near future.


From: Kaylan Yount   Date: January 2002
I needed toyota symbols for my truck in the right colors and your site was the only one that had them, not to mention fast and easy ordering....


From: Chad   Date: March 2002
Hello, here is a picture of my Camaro with the Fast and the Furious decals installed. Just want to say thanks again for the great service and great product.


From: Sarah Gibson   Date: April 2002
This is a picture of my car with the racing stripes from Superior Graphics & Signs Inc on it. I received great service with this order. The striped were mailed on my door only a few days after i ordered them. I would surely use their company again.


From: Donna   Date: April 2002
Just applied the decal and I love it - Thanks so much - excellent work! Attached is a picture of it on my blazer.



From: Anonymous   Date: June 2002
Thank you... I received the package today and was beyond satisfied... I can not begin to express how pleased I am with your service... I will refer all my friends to you and continue to do service with you... Thank you again for an excellent job... Your company is the BEST!!!!



All customers should feel free to send your comments to us.  And remember both positive and negative feedback is encouraged.   We are constantly improving aspects of the website, and it is due in part to feedback from our visitors and customers!


JAN-JULY '99 | AUG-DEC'99 | 2000 | 2001 | 2002
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